Spring 2018 Schedule


Here is our Spring 2018 schedule!

FSM Vision and Values:

  • Vision: To prepare students to follow Christ wholeheartedly in high school and beyond
  • Values: (1) Discipleship (2) Fellowship (3) Mission

Wednesday FSM:

  • Teaching series: Exodus: Freed to Worship
  • When and Where: Every Wednesday, 6-8pm, 276 E Main St.

Monthly events:

  • Back to School Party at Fretwells, January 7th
  • February 3-4th – Guys lock-in at McClains
  • March 18th – Winter Jam
  • April 22nd – Murder Mystery Night
  • Spring into Summer Retreat, May 2018 (info TBA)
  • Kingdom Kids: each first Wednesday of the month, FSM will join Kingdom Kids in Landers for mentoring and worship!
  • FUGE


  • When and where:
    • We will be going to Ridgecrest, NC this year!
    • Dates: July 1-5th
  • Sign ups:
  • Pricing:
    • What is the price? $350
    • When is downpayment due? By March
    • When is Final Amount Due? By May
  • Getting to North Carolina!!
    • How will we get there? We will be renting a charter bus this year!
    • We will have to leave the night before on Saturday the 30th, and drive overnight
  • How can I get help paying for FUGE?
    • If you need a scholarship, include that in your sign up
    • Fellowship will do several campaigns for scholarships

Small groups:

  • We will have THREE small groups this semester:
    • Girls study at Danielle Adams house on Fridays at 6am led by Daniell
    • Girls study at McClains house on Sundays at 4pm led by Stacy and Taylor
    • Guys study at offices on Sundays at 4pm led by Lucas
  • Sign ups start soon!



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